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Substance Abuse Recovery (person in recovery and people who love them)

Ongoing Recovery





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I want you to experience more joy, better sleep, improved relationships, clear decisions, and goal achievement. Life is complicated and can be challenging. In my years as a therapist, I’ve identified some common concerns and complaints from clients seeking help:

  • Sleep disruption
  • Easily irritated
  • Inability to make a decision
  • Unable to attain goals such as exercise, money management, career building
  • Unhealthy patterns in intimate relationships
  • Inability to define and set health boundaries
  • Problems with family member: teen, aging parent

I'd like to work with you on the areas of life you'd like to make better.

By carefully and thoughtfully listening, I am able to assist clients in making improvements in the areas they identify as needing support. Rather than focusing on deficits, I empower clients through the therapy process to identify and build on their existing strengths and proven successes.  Together, we'll identify areas of opportunity and build experience and skill sets designed to assist you in creating positive, healing, and lasting change. I believe that clients are the experts on themselves and their lives, and therefore therapeutic goals are highly collaborative. I offer support, guidance, and encouragement in a relaxed and positive environment.

Beginning (or resuming) counseling is an investment in you, your life, and the people in your life.

Counseling is a financial commitment, a time commitment, and most of all a commitment to work hard together. However, counseling does not have to go on for many months or years to bring about solutions or change. Often clients find that their lives feel brighter and more manageable after just a few sessions. With a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, you can achieve the personal growth you are striving for.

Because the best predictor for successful counseling is the relationship between the client and the counselor, I want you to feel comfortable. I offer a FREE 20 minute initial phone consultation for all new clients for us to interview one another and determine if my practice seems appropriate for your needs. If we do not feel that I am the best counselor for you, I will be happy to make a referral so you can continue your journey with another counselor. I have a page here on my site that lists some fantastic providers and resources.

Do you need to determine what kind of provider you need? I have a page that lists many levels of providers that you may find helpful.

For Persons with a Substance Abuse problem, those who love them, and those already in recovery

Those impacted by substance abuse are encouraged to CONTACT ME for my "Why Do I Need Help?" article that describes the need for family members and friends to get help and support regardless of what the addict does (or doesn't do!) This is an excellent beginning resource for understanding addiction, enabling, codependency and offering health support.

If you are a person “in recovery” from substance abuse,  I have a page dedicated just for you. Clients have identified me as “The Recovery Therapist.” Whether you are newly sober or have been clean and sober for a while, I would love to talk with you about how therapy can benefit your recovery from substance or behavioral (process) addiction and assist in creating a life you enjoy.